a world where a women stands firmly in her power..

A world in which she makes a conscious choice to be brave, vunerable and kind to herself.

As she begins to explore, express and acknowledge all the parts of herself.

She is able enter the powerful heart space that results in self love and acceptance.

And in doing so is able to align with her true joy.

Now imagine the energy of that JOY, of the LOVE that she has for herself

and it’s power as it raditates out into the world around her.

As she lets her light shine she unconsciously gives

others permission to do the same.

Who is this women?

Let me share a secret with you Sparkly One….

This woman is YOU!

All you have to do is stop imagining.

I am a ChangeMaker, Coach, Collaborative Healer and Artist.

My mission is to support conscious women on their journey  of stepping into power.

You see I truly believe that when a woman stands in her power and allows her light to shine without compromise

she is unstoppable and the world within her and around her shines brighter.

Are you ready to take the next step?  

She Steps Into Power

This 10 day transformational walking retreat is an invitation to explore and express all the parts of yourself, move from awareness in to action and step into your power. Learn More… 

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I had an amazing experience with Lisa!

Working with Lisa is an amazing experience. She has an energy that gets the best out of you, an openness and honesty. She helped us all have our own personal experience, maybe through her ability to see and help each person pull out the stuff they need, maybe through her seeing eyes and opened hearted attitude.

Beatrice – Thailand

Lisa quickly made me feel at ease...

At first I was apprehensive about joining the Art as Expression workshop, but Lisa quickly made me feel at ease.  She was incredibly supportive and guided me gently, helping me to find my own answers.  I found her approach non-invasive which helped me to relax and achieve a level of deep introspection previously out of reach and consequently allowed me to identify positive changes I could make in my life


I always felt safe and supported

The greatest part of travelling with Lisa was that I always felt safe and supported. Especially at times during my travel when I was unwell or uncomfortable with challenging situations, it was comforting to have Lisa there who was always so reassuring.

Karina – Vietnam and Laos

Our Latest Retreat

She Steps Into Power Walking Retreat in Nepal.